Exploring the landscapes of  an active planet
The real voyage of discovery
is not
seeking new landscapes,


new eyes.

Marcel Proust
Terranes LLC is the workshop, field trip, and interpretive organization of Ellen Morris Bishop.

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Explore the landscapes of our active planet Earth through Terranes geology and photography workshops,  field trips, and publications. Create and thrive at the junction of science and art. Terranes LLC provides the workshop, field trip, and interpretive  work of Ellen Morris Bishop.  
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       Early Winter Spires: North Cascades National Park, Golden Horn Batholith.
Terranes, LLC thrives at the creative junction of science and art. It offers:
Workshops that combine art and science to explore places both familiar and remote.
You'll discover significant, inspiring and often remote outposts of the geologic landscape.

Field Trips that connect you with the extraordinary history and significance of places that you want to visit; teach about about places that you want to go; talks that inform about the past and inspire our future.

Photography: Images of geologic features and landscapes, as well as editorial and documentary photography.

Interpretive Services,from thought-provoking talks for groups and colorful brochures for organizations, to entire exhibit development for museums, parks,  and field centers.